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Soprano, alto saxophone, and piano
Duration: 5 minutes


Bedtime Stories (2017)

I. Monster
II. Cheese Moon
III. Dream (or Nightmare) Waltz

Flute and piano
Duration: 13 minutes
Performed by Nina Shekhar (flute) and Cole Anderson (piano)


Urban Development (2017)

Alto saxophone duo
Duration: 6 minutes
Performed by Andrea Voulgaris and Lisa Keeney


Rain on me (2016)

Duration: 10 minutes
Performed by the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra
Rotem Weinberg, conductor


Chronos (2016)

I. Past
II. Future

Flute, two harps, and percussion
Duration: 9 minutes
Commissioned by “The B Project”
Brandon LePage (flute), “Beyond Pluck” harp duo (Paula Bressman & Rachel Miller), and Zac Brunell (percussion)


Cajón (2016) – 2017 ASCAP Morton Gould Finalist

Solo cello
Duration: 6½ minutes
Performed by Joshua DeVries


Three Fridas (2015)Three Fridas cover - Nina Shekhar

I. Self-Portrait (The Frame)
II. Henry Ford Hospital
III. The Wounded Deer

Clarinet, string quartet, and optional live painter
Duration: 15 minutes
Performed by Jakob Lenhardt (clarinet), Grace Kawamura (violin), Lian Ojakangas (violin), Abigail Choi (viola), and Julia Knowles (cello)


Blaze (2015)

Flute quintet
Duration: 5 minutes
Commissioned by the University of Michigan Flute Studio
Performed by Nina Shekhar, Anna Thompson, Bret Patterson, Rachel Berkowitz, and Cassie Mullenix


She (2015)

Mezzo-soprano, sitar, violin, cello, marimba
Duration: 8 minutes
Text by Dr. Maya Angelou
(Used with permission of Caged Bird Legacy, LLC)


Postcards (2014) – 2015 ASCAP Morton Gould Winner (press release)Postcards cover - Nina Shekhar

I. traffic jam
II. on an old sidewalk
III. merry-go-round
IV. light up

Solo piano
Duration: 11 minutes
Performed by Jeannette Fang


Adrift (2014)

Solo flute
Duration: 6½ minutes
Performed by Travis Jones


Vertigo (2013)

String quartet
Duration: 6½ minutes