She (2015)

For mezzo-soprano, sitar, violin, cello, and marimba
Text by Dr. Maya Angelou
(Used with permission of Caged Bird Legacy, LLC)
Duration: 8 minutes


Program note:

The poem “Woman Work” by Dr. Maya Angelou describes the toils of domestic life that a woman faces every day. After reciting an exhausting list of household chores to be completed, she dreams of a world in which she can be relieved of her suffering. A setting of this poem, She integrates elements of Indian folk music, including the use of a sitar, in an attempt to show the universality of a woman’s “expected” role in society: compliance, submission, domestication. The vocalist sings about her hopes of relief until finally reaching the climax when she remembers the endless number of duties that she must tend to. The piece ends as she envisions a world to which she can temporarily escape, only to return to her painful clockwork drill.

Lyrics from the poem “Woman Work” from the book “And Still I Rise”
by Dr. Maya Angelou
Copyright © 1978 by Maya Angelou
Used with permission of Caged Bird Legacy, LLC



January 21st, 2016
UMMA “All Hail Me” Concert
Come as You Are: Art of the 1990s series
Performed by Kayla Hill (voice), Jyotsna Joshi (sitar), Cassidy Goldblatt (violin), Kellen Degnan (cello), and Casey Voss (marimba)
University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor, MI

March 15th, 2016She poster - Nina Shekhar
University of Michigan Collaborative Recital:
Cello, Composition, Harpsichord, and Voice Studios
Performed by Kayla Hill (voice), James Anderson (guitar), Cassidy Goldblatt (violin), Chris Young (cello), and Tanner Tanyeri (marimba)
McIntosh Theatre, Ann Arbor, MI