Postcards (2014)

2015 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award Winner (press release)
For solo pianoPostcards cover - Nina Shekhar
Duration: 11 minutes

I. traffic jam
II. on an old sidewalk
III. merry-go-round
IV. light up


Program note:

feel the heartbeat of our city, the pulse rushing through its concrete veins, young while old, shifting while still, and alive

l i s t e n
to the whirs of tires
skidding on broken pavementPostcards program notes - Nina Shekhar
h o n k
racing to an unknown destination
s c r e e e e c h
b e e p
too many promises to keep
and miles to go before they sleep

i have walked these sidewalks before
the familiar cement against my feet
the same lonely trees
dust piles up
an urban wasteland
with forgotten memories
trapped inside each door

do you remember
cotton candy and _____ – ?
spinning in an endless circle
on plastic ponies
surrounded by children
with cheeks rosy
from blood warmed by mirth
do you remember _____ – ?

the sun rises
flashing its rays
on shiny glass buildings
a city awakes
ready to live
a new morning
a new day


Complete performance:

Jeannette Fang, piano
University of Michigan Student Composers Concert
Britton Recital Hall
October 20th, 2014


Recordings by movement:

I. traffic jam

II. on an old sidewalk

III. merry-go-round

IV. light up



October 20th, 2014
University of Michigan Student Composers Concert
Performed by Jeannette Fang
Britton Recital Hall, Ann Arbor, MINina Shekhar - Midwest Composers Symposium

November 15th, 2014
Midwest Composers Symposium
Performed by Jeannette Fang
Cohen Family Studio Theater, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

March 14th, 2015Nina Shekhar - detroit revival project
Detroit REVIVAL Project Concert
In Collaboration with ArtLab J Dance and the ConTempus Ensemble
Performed by Bong-A Jung
St. John’s-St. Luke’s Evangelical Church